Sunday, 29 April 2007

This is rumour control, here are the facts -

Photo of Inman vs. Cahill courtesy of Hywel Teague

Sor Thanikul Muay Thai team went 4 for six today at Master Sken's show in Manchester. Amateur combatants Marlena, Mick and Dan all won in great style, the other two lost decisions on a coin toss after putting in really good performances.

The star of todays show was Matt Inmann though, and in honour of Matt's superb demonstration of skill in his professional bout, I have decided to refrain from flogging the dead horse that is the Zoolander joke any further. Matt dominated every second of each one of 5 rounds, stalking his opponent, picking him off with punches and kicks and dominating the clinch. Matt once again looked every bit of the polished Muay Thai pro that he always promised to be. Great stuff Matty, no doubt you'll be hanging some heavy duty jewellery round your waist before the year is out. Bring on a title fight for 'the look'.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Spartan workout

Remind you of your own training? It ought to.

Sunday, 15 April 2007


Dan Blenkharn's M.M.A. debut went exactly according to plan, with a blistering 24 second submission victory.
Even though this was his debut, Dan looked like a veteran fighter, bringing intensity whilst keeping his composure all the way. He made it look easy, but it was all down to the hard work he'd done in preparation. We're really proud of you Danny, well done bonny lad.

Thursday, 12 April 2007

He's got the look

Hywel Teague photo from Mater A's show

Is this the most handsome Thai boxer you've ever seen in your life or what? Notice how he's struggling to turn left though, he has to wheel around in a wide arc, the boy just isn't an ambi-turner.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

For a relaxing time, make it Satori time

Satori Jutsu

Satori Jutsu is a martial art that is an Art Form, not a sport. The art of Satori Jutsu is totally non-competitive, providing an alternative and fresh approach to martial art practice. The art of Satori Jutsu both emphasises and nurtures the attainment of complete Artistic skill in technique and application, with absolutely no Competitive or Sport connotations. Training takes place in a safe, non-hostile, constructive environment. Satori Jutsu is particularly suited to those individuals who have no interest in Freestyle or Competitive sparring (which by nature, is found in the majority of the martial arts that are practiced today). It goes without saying that those who favour Kihon, Kata, and Kobudo practice are more suited to the Satori Jutsu training ideals that are found within the art.

All Satori Jutsu classes are both creative and educational, where the approach to training means that students train with each other not against each other. Aside from this, there are many other aspects within Satori Jutsu that make the art different from mainstream or more regularly accepted martial art systems. In Satori Jutsu there is also a mutual respect between all students ~ regardless of grade or experience ~ where everyone helps one another to achieve their very best potential.

Satori Jutsu was founded in July 1992 by Shihan Steve Bell (Black Belt 5th Dan). When it was originally conceived it was known as 'Satori Jutsu Karate-Do' but in July 2005 the direct connection with Karate was dropped, as Shihan thought it was time for Satori Jutsu to stand out on it's own and become known as an independent martial art rather than a 'style' of another.

This change was brought about by the natural evolution of Satori Jutsu. Due to the nature of the training over the years, the style had inevitably moved further and further away from what is generally perceived as 'Karate'. This, alongside the ever growing media popularity for 'Full Contact' and other aggressive Karate/Martial Art approaches (which is definitely not what Satori Jutsu is about), helped in the decision by Shihan, to take Satori Jutsu out on it’s own and away from those connections. As a consequence of this, a change in the Satori Jutsu Shirushi (Emblem) was also undertaken. Both the 'on-coming fist' and the 'animal representation' were removed, as these two points of reference are often used in mainstream 'Karate/Martial Art' Shirushi.

Classes are held on a regular weekly basis in Jesmond, Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

I'm getting sick of seeing this guys advertising, especially as it continues to get more and more cult like. Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against people who don't like fighting, that's perfectly reasonable. Take up squash or something, that's fine. If you really dislike competitive sport, no problem, maybe Yoga is for you, fuck, even go and arrange some flowers. Fine by me.
What is not alright is these insecure pricks that get a superiority complex about their martial art being an art, not a sport. They spout this misleading bullshit as if sport somehow lowers the quality of any given art being practiced in a sporting context; as opposed to driving the arts practitioners to greater and greater heights of athletic excellence, and evolving and expanding the art far beyond the scope of it's founders abilities. That is the universal truth in all fighting arts, take a look at Boxing, BJJ, Judo, Olympic wrestling, Muay Thai, any fighting sport, and compare footage from today and the earliest examples you can find on film.
But the real problem isn't the lie they expound, but the reason for it. These dicks that go so far as to found their own schools, and socially manipulate other sorry, insecure individuals into buying their illusion of invincibility, and giving them the promise of some secret martial arts super powers, it's on their hands when their student gets his jumper pulled over his head then gets hockey punched into a pulp because he never got to spar.
Let me tell it how it is, fighting is about winning and losing. Generally speaking, %50 of people in fights lose, %50 win. Aside from the odd draw, and a very few crazy double kayo's, ,you win or you lose. This idea that'The only person to strive to be better than is yourself' is absolute bullshit. It might wash if you're doing Pilates once a week, but if you're doing anything involving fighting, you sure as fuck better strive to be better than the bastard opposite you that wants to smash your face in. Strive to be better than yourself? Easy, just start out as a total piece of shit, then just never try all that hard to get too much better.
If you don't like it then you don't like fighting and should fuck off out of it all together. All this art of fighting without fighting, merciful wisdom, nothing to prove attitude - that's for guys that got in there and did it when they were young, and feel no need in their hearts to show anyone how good they are anymore. You can't bypass the hard part and then sell that line to your students, that martial arts are good but fighting is bad. One is no good without the other, yin and yang baby. Don't go being to much of a pussy to fight, then tell people it makes you superior, and don't fucking disprespect people like us who have the courage to put our names and bodies on the line, and actually fight. I don't know who I feel sorry for more, the saps that pay out their hard earned to get taught bullshit and have their training retarded by these dickheads, or the arrogant dicks that know deep down in their heart of hearts that they'll never, ever have what it takes. Rant over, normal service will resume shortly.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

Good Friday kettlebells

What are you doing on Friday? Comrade! if you were a real man you'd be coming to Tynemouth to work out with the 'bells. Leon is gonna give us some tuition and put us through our paces. Meet at the gym at 12. Be there or be dishonoured.

Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Danimal debuts at Sportfight Scotland

He's big, he's bad, he's the master of slammage with intent to damage. Dan Blenkharn is making his M.M.A. debut at Sportfight Scotland on Sunday 15th. Get behind him, get a ticket paid for before the Dinky Ninjas show sells out, or he might get angry....and you wouldn't like him when he's angry.