Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Impact 2

Well done young Franky on a successful debut. Frank did great escaping the mount and a tight armbar early on to come back with some decisive shots that earned him the decision.

A knockdown early in the first followed by two rounds in favour of Marc left Plattsy with a draw against one of the Heavy Hitters lads, next time we grease up the groundskeeper we'll avoid the deep heat. Heed the safety warnings, not for use on 'Ginnas'.

It wasn't to be for young John or simon who were stopped in their bouts. Simon battled the hold to the wire, but once they're in they're in. More sparring for the next one.

Pics coming soon.

Monday, 24 March 2008

Craig vs. Vorn Viva

Craig in Cambodia, the video is a bit grainy, looks like a T.V. screener. If you can't tell who's who easily you can identify Craig by the tattoo on his back, and the opponent is the one dressed as Dick Turpin.

Monday, 17 March 2008

More Mills

This time from Strike and Submit, versus Dan Kennedy, also from the lens of Ian Malone.

Mini Mills Gallery

Mills vs. Mac McCaughey at Impact 1. It's a mini gallery, not mini Mills, in case the title confused you. Ever noticed that Rob's style looks great at full speed, but when caught on camera he seems to spend the whole fight on one leg, or both feet off the floor and hands flying everywhere. Weird.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

More War pics

Yves Ausset

Yves won via anaconda in rd.1 of his semi-pro debut at Pride and Glory. Thanks for contributing to the culture of success at Sor Thanikul, you'll be missed. Good luck with your studies in Germany, and come back to fight for us again.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

War in Workington pics

The warm up mat

Yves Ausset

Bry and Matty

Tapout strap or Knockout strap sir? I've got my technique down and everything. I don't be ticklin' or nothin'.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Bryan Moore retires after a War at War in Workington.

The North East's Randy Couture has called it a day after a phenomenal battle against Lithuanean Cage Rage veteran Mamarizaev Jahongir. Bry was en route to a unanimous decision when the Lithuanean, his leg caught and with Bry driving through a high single, leapt in the air and Ong Bak elbowed Bryan on the back of the head. Jahongir had already had numerous warnings for repeatedly fouling with illegal elbows and cage holding. Bryan used his typical cage control and G'n'P tactics to wear the Lithuanean out and his much improved boxing kept him well in the lead on the scorecards. Great performance and great result to cap a great career.

He's got 'The Look' - Cage Kombat, Feb 17th

Matt picked up a unanimous decision over Dave Galbraith in a semi-pro match at Cage Kombat 6 with some sharp Muay Thai, strong clinch and slick guardwork. His hair looked nice too, all the way through the fight it never moved.

First fights of 2008 - Strike and Submit, Feb 3rd

Strike and Submit 5

Rob Mills TKO'd Sunderland Combat Forum representative Chris Scott in under a minute to become the S'n'S Semi-Pro British Champ. Rob is possibly the only guy to abandon full mount in an MMA fight since Wanderlei Silva stomped Sakuraba.
Pete Irving KO'd former champ (vacated)Lee Doski to solidify ownership of the S'n'S Weterweight strap. Two British titles to kick off the year. Check Ian Freeman's report out below -

Long time, no blog

Take it easy!

Many apologies to anyone who has been hoping for news of the Sor Thanikul team and KD school's exploits. Barry's website is cocked up a bit so nothing can go on the news page and I've been working two jobs so I've been remiss in my duties as the bringer of good tidings to Knuckledraggers at home and abroad. I'll try to play catch up today so you'll be back up to date.