Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Left to right : Abdul Mohammed, Bryan Moore, Peter Irving, Richie Knox, Hassan Muradi

Geordie Top Team

Double whammy! I stopped Kevin Reed in the second with the Mata Leao, the only sub I know, making me S+S British Champ. Rob 'Robocop' Mills TKO'd the previously undefeated Dan Kennedy in the first to take fight of the night.
The support was massive from the Sor Thanikul/Knuckledraggers team, my colleagues, friends, family, everybody. Thanks very much to everybody who showed up to support, and called, texted or e-mailed to wish me luck and congratulate me. There was too many to answer, so please take this as a blanket thankyou, I appreciate every one. You don't get many times in your life like that, I'm thankful for it.
Thanks to everyone who kept the faith throughout the injury layoff and kept my spirits high with their own efforts in the gym and in the ring.
Well done Rob, now do you believe?

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Grease me up woman!

Mark Platts, AKA Groundskeeper Willie, and AKA British Kickboxing champion for that matter, made his MMA debut last Sunday at Cage Gladiators - Gladiator School feeder show. He took on the hometown kid Jay McGuinness, one of Jason Tan's next generation jiu-jitsu fighters. Mark took it all the way to the score cards, fending of stacks of attacks from McGuinness guard to come out with a majority decision for McGuinness. One of the judges and many others marked the bout a draw, and Craig, myself and Yves who were in attendance, considered the fight as resounding success in terms of Mark's transition from kickboxing to MMA, and proved once again that he's a true Sor Thanikul fighter - quit is not in his vocabulary. Awesome work Mark, you're Coca-Cola, the real thing.