Thursday, 4 October 2007

Grease me up woman!

Mark Platts, AKA Groundskeeper Willie, and AKA British Kickboxing champion for that matter, made his MMA debut last Sunday at Cage Gladiators - Gladiator School feeder show. He took on the hometown kid Jay McGuinness, one of Jason Tan's next generation jiu-jitsu fighters. Mark took it all the way to the score cards, fending of stacks of attacks from McGuinness guard to come out with a majority decision for McGuinness. One of the judges and many others marked the bout a draw, and Craig, myself and Yves who were in attendance, considered the fight as resounding success in terms of Mark's transition from kickboxing to MMA, and proved once again that he's a true Sor Thanikul fighter - quit is not in his vocabulary. Awesome work Mark, you're Coca-Cola, the real thing.


Keon said...

Haha the picture tops it off!

Good work dude!

Anonymous said...

love the picture have to get it on a t shirt thanks mate

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