Monday, 21 July 2008

Chris Mason photos - S+S 7

Strike and Submit 7, Pete Irving - European Champion




Cornered by David Bielkheden

Back control

The "smell my feet" submission hold

The Schultz headlock

To the body

No closing the guard on me

Come on....

Get up!


Who wears short shorts?

Backing him up

When Abdul says sprawl, sprawl.

Nice shorts from

Madadi's jab was strong

Slip and kick

Always after the single

Strike and Submit 7, Matt Inman - still Champion

Good sport, Martin Scrafton's leg was okay in the end, just badly bruised but not broken.

Crotch to face victory dance

No time to show off the guns

Always perfect on the kicks

Blue Steel

I've not updated the blog for a while, as the training for last weekend's fight consumed every waking minute up until the day, and the post-fight blowout has consumed every minute since.
I've just got a hold of some of Ian Malone's photos of mine and Matty's fights, unfortunately he didn't catch Yves's awesome display of Le Ninjitsu.