Thursday, 4 January 2007

Team, Team, Team, Team, Team

Damn it!!

There is no I in TEAM. Ive tried damn hard to find this I in team and i'm yet to find it. Seeing as I am part of the Sorthanikul/knuckledraggers team I would like to offer my services for group sessions free of charge to anyone who is interested in very intense kettlebell fitness training. I have 2 years experience with the 'bells and have been trained by the UKs master coach Mr Stan Pike.

When I say FREE i don't really mean free, the price of admission is ......... wait for it

5 pullups
10 pressups
15 squats


If anyone is interested in this let me know, once I have atleast 5 people interested and the admission has been paid my services will be on offer.

This is fantastic guys, so just take advantage.

I understand that there will be people of all skill sets so we will bring everyone up to speed with the basics before attempting any kind of intensity.

Hope to hear from you all soon.


Pete Irving said...

Count me in, let's just sort out a time and you can bring on the pain.

Norm said...

i'm game, after all pain is only weakness leaving the body!