Monday, 12 February 2007

Irving vs. Jenkins 2

Hywel teague/Fighters Only mag photo - IrvingVJenkins 1 @ Pride and Glory

It was a long time coming, after nearly a year since our first fight I took on Jenkins again yesterday at Cage Kombat 3. It wound up a draw, with one Judge giving it to me, one to Paul and one saw every round as even. It was a fair call.

I got a cut fairly early in the fight, the Doctor was going to stop the match and Jenkins came in on my side, asking to let the match continue! What a legend.

I've been struggling to train up for this one, and injuries and illness had a serious negative impact during the fight so I'm going to have to bite the bullet and take a couple of months away from the cage to heal everything properly. On the plus side I'll be able to put %100 into bringing everyones game on.

Thanks alot to the Toon Army that came to support, The Dinkys and the assorted Scottish fight fans that forgave my Englishness in return for some blood, much appreciated.


Leon Robotham said...

Glad you came away with a fair decision! It's good to hear that you've decided to give yourself a break as well Pete listen to your body, it knows best.

Bill said...

If its a fair decision then you can't ask for much more mate. Good luck with the rest, I know you need it lol!

Rebecca Ryan Long said...

Peter.. You are awesome. All that needs to be said. YOu would be a great asset to anyone when it comes to fighting... Looking foward to the day I get to train with you.

Anonymous said...

Well done the weekend mate it was a pleasure to watch, enjoy your rest and getting focused on other things. (like sorting out my weight ha ha)