Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Papagaio

It's great how popular MMA has got recently isn't it? All those new fans buying all that merchandise, making the businessmen rich. I just love hearing the Bravo channel watchers analysis of the latest UFC, "He's mint, that B.J. Sherk." I love being told my own business, I love being told how I should have fought by an overweight biff in a tapout shirt; and I respect his right to tell me because he bought a ticket, although not off me, so I recieved exactly O benefit from his 'support of the sport'. I like it when beginners tell me how you're supposed to get out of a triangle choke, maybe because they went to a Marcelo Garcia seminar. Maybe they even got to get an autograph, or even touch their face on the mat where his arse crack sweated. Well done fuck nuts, keep forking out fortunes for the top of the range merchandise. Adults shouldn't need to be told that you won't kick harder in the brand new Tapout shorts than in last years range off the discount rail at TK Maxx, you won't tap out blackbelts because you've got an Andre Galvao signature gi. They've got a word in Brazil for the man who attaches his reputation to someone elses's name, because they can't make their own.

Papagaio means parrot, imitator, not the genuine article. If you're part of a satellite gym, ask yourself how your branches reputation stands alone. Not strong enough on it's own? Spending alot of time revelling in the reflected glory of people who don't actually train with you, don't even know your name? Well, at least your shorts look nice. Enjoy your seminar and autographs.
"fazer seu proprio nome" - make your own name. That's what Crezio told me.

Watching porn and watching fighting is the same thing, it's not necessarily wrong, but I'd rather be doing it myself.


Matty said...

Yes an old school rant!

Vintage Pete Irving.

Craig said...

irving you are a funny bastard mate, articulate aswell!