Monday, 4 August 2008

Downtime = down time?

Shark or sheep?

You train, 8 weeks of pain, denial, sacrifice, anxiety, intensity, boredom, excitement, more boredom, more pain, repeat and repeat; nerves, fatigue and an unerring sense of purpose.
Then what happens? 17 minutes maximum and it's all over. The punch you threw a thousand times on the pads, a thousand times in the air, a thousand times in your mind; maybe it came out once, twice even, or maybe not at all. You win, you lose maybe, but regardless of the outcome it's in the books. Once it's gone, it's gone, and with it your raison d'etre.

Are you a shark or a sheep? Shark's have to keep their constant forward momentum, or drown in the lack of progress. Losing the impetus to move onwards, even for a short time is fatal.
So what next?

I need a name, I need to know someone is out there training to hurt me. Counting down the days, then hours, and finally the minutes till we face off. To have a perfect stranger picturing my face on the pads his coach is holding up and for me to do the same.

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