Monday, 8 December 2008

Northern fight league

Chris Mason did it again. Great momemts documented in black and white, more on his facebook account, but here's a sample.

Saturday was a big night for us, with our squad practically making up the entire home corner.
Dangerous Dan,Franky and Simon totally overwhelmed their opponents, all finishing their fights in the first minute.
Yves had a good battle, but stuck to the gameplan and out positioned his opponent until he found the choke.
Rob was handed his first MMA loss by the Dinky Ninjas Alan Love, knocking him off a winning streak of 7 first round stoppages. Love came in looking enormous, and implemented an excellent strategy to take Rob away from his strengths. He took some hard shots, but never deviated from his gameplan, credit to him. We'll be working hard in the gym to make sure February is another clean slate for us. Christmas is cancelled. Prepare for hell.

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