Saturday, 19 May 2007


Keon fought his heart out in his Semi-Pro debut, that wound up being an absolute war against a much improved Afsul Miah of Fighting Fit. Keon shot countless takedowns, and when the fight did make it to the floor his ground skills dominated, but thanks to slack ropes and unfavourable reffing he was never really able to use his jiu-jitsu. Several of his shots speared Afsul through the ropes, or were restarted on the feet as the sprawl sent them under the bottom rope. The fight went the distance and was declared a draw. Keon showed loads of skill, tenacity and heart; that one hard fought draw is a result to be proud of, worth way more than ten easy wins.
You really proved yourself, I'm really proud of you young man.

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Bill C said...

Awesome work Keon! Hope to see the DVD soon mate.