Monday, 21 May 2007

Pain and Glory

For those of you that couldn't be arsed to go and see Craig in the biggest British event of the year, here's how it went down. Mahy 'Hardhand' Cruz lived up to his name, catching Craig cold with some big, big shots. Just when it looked like it might go completely South, Craig switched into Terminator mode and dished out a classic beating for the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Just when I thought it impossible for Craig to exceed his previous efforts, he goes and puts in this performance. 'Quit' is not in the mans vocabulary, I don't think he would even know how if he wanted to. Amazing, inspirational stuff.
Unfortunately the early digs from Cruz took their toll, and the Doctor refused to let Craig go through to the semi-final. Obviously disappointing, but hardly a disaster, as Craig remains on a long run of victories and can only have got more people excited about seeing him fight next time.
Being there, with the whole arena filled with chants of 'Jose!, Jose!, Jose!' for the duration of the fight, was another priceless experience that was such an honour to be part of. If your voice was not among them then hang your head in shame, because Craig is the one thats always there when anyone of us fights.


Marc S said...

Well Done Craig, yet again proving your one of the best in the country! Sorry I couldn't make it.

Ahsan said...

good stuff craig :)

Pete Irving said...

I think after beating a European and World champion this weekend, some of the cream of the U.K.'s crop and a top Belarussion this year, one would have to concede that he's now in with the best of Europe too.