Sunday, 3 June 2007

Double whammy!

The Knuckledraggers went 2 for 2 today at Willie Scott's Cage Kombat.

Rob Mills took on a very strong Enzo Parente, and wasted no time taking the Italian/Scotsman to the mat, persisting with the double, passing, mounting and switching off for his trademark Robocana armlock.

Photos courtesy of Peter Falkous/Fighters only mag

Desperate Dan went to war with another Alba Dornadair representative, Liam Holborn. After a to and fro battle of takedowns, mounts, reversals, leglocks, slams and armbars, Dan locked up a guillotine and got the tap close to the end of the first. Dan had a real test from a very well matched opponent, and proved his mettle, showing the only quality that is demanded from the Byker lads - heart.

Photos courtesy of Peter Falkous/Fighters only mag

Two first round submissions, two entertaining and technical performances, we couldn't have asked for more from you. You done yourselves and the gym proud, well done lads. You're now both Bona Fide, purely rock cage fighters. Use these credentials to impress birds.


Ahsan said...


well done guys.

Matty said...

recent results prove that our fight team is actually unbeatable

Anonymous said...

Well done you roid heads!

But i'll still beat you's haha