Sunday, 17 June 2007

We are No.1! All others are No.2....or lower!

#define KILL_HUMAN(h) (free(h); (h) = NULL;)
#define KILL_ALL_HUMANS(list_of_humans) \ { \ list *p, *next = NULL; \ \ for(p = list_of_all_humans; p; p = next) { \ next = p->next; \ KILL_HUMAN(p); \ }

Get this peoples, no losses so far in '07, from both the Knuckledraggers in Vale Tudo, or the Sor Thanikul Muay Thai team. 2 Draws and 3 wins in M.M.A. and 3 draws and 9 wins in Muay Thai.
Rock on.


Leon Robotham said...

Sorry to let the side down..... I lost in Manchester! one point, arghhh the mutha fucka.

Dave said...

I find this blog amusing and informative, and will continue to read it with interest.


Dave Hirst