Friday, 9 March 2007

Crezio De Souza vs. Dan Henderson

Here's a little clip from Crezio's fight with Pride Champion Dan Henderson. Historically interesting in that this was Hendersons first Vale Tudo fight, and Crezio's last, the fight ended controversially when the kickboxing referee waved the match off after Henderson threw down a flurry of punches at Crezio from inside the guard. Few of the punches actually connected, but in spite of much protest from Crezio and the jiu-jitsu supporters the fight was called. Crezio never got the rematch he so desperately wanted, as he was blinded in one eye during training and forced into retirement. Bear in mind that Crezio is a lightweight, so this double leg on U.S.A. Olympic wrestling team member Henderson is no mean feat.

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