Thursday, 1 March 2007

Want to train with Crezio?

Crezio De Souza - Jiu-Jitsu legend

So, airfares have gone crazy, and the planned trip to Rio De Janeiro has been postponed indefinitely. I spoke to Crezio, told him I couldn't come for a while, but he's happy to come over here for a couple of weeks. I miss Brazil, but if the mountain can come to Mohammed then that's the next best thing. It also means everyone could train with him.

In case I haven't told you about the guy - he was one of the original Carlson Black belts from the glory days of the Carlson Gracie team. He had over 250 jiu-jitsu matches in his career, wrestled for Brazil in the Pan-American games and fought some amazing Vale-Tudo matches against the likes of Johil de Oliveira and Dan Henderson, back in the day when it was bareknuckle, headbutts and all. The guy is an amazing technician, and he practically wrote the book on modern M.M.A. jiu-jitsu.

If you're interested in doing a couple of seminars and going for private classes with Crezio then we could all put together to finance it. Let me know what you think, e-mail me at if you're interested.


Peter said...

you can count me in a few privates like lad as it would be fucking good

Leon Robotham said...

Yes sir! put me down too.