Thursday, 8 March 2007

Josenator inspired workout. Dig deep, work hard

The Josenator

3 fights for time.

50 Swings (24 or 25 kg) or for kb novice (16kg kb or 15kg db)
30 Pull-ups
100 Squats
60 Tuck jumps

rest 1 min

100 Press-ups
30 Dips
50 Sit-ups
1minute double time (knees high and fast)

rest 1 min

20kg on a bar

30 Push Press
30 Front Squat
30 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
30 Burpees

Record time and beat it next time round.



Pete Irving said...

Sick, sick , sick!

Leon Robotham said...

Yeah it was pretty sick, managed to crack it off in 20.42 as rxd. Matty came close with 22.58 using 16kg bell and some assistance in dips. All round, great effort!

Hywel said...

whats a "double time"?