Sunday, 10 December 2006


Craig represented well at Sportfight Scotland, he implemented the game plan excellently and showed that he has the potential to be as much of a force in MMA as he is in Muay Thai. John Quinn pulled off the armbar late in the first, and Craig had to tap. Apparently he needs that arm for punching people with. We'll keep developing the jiu-jitsu, and hopefully get Craig back in MMA after he's won the Power of Scotland 8 man tourney. To summarise - bad result, cracking performance. Well done Craig.

Ian put on a Marcelo Garcia-esque display of back control in the first round, but just got overpowered as he was giving away 45 kilos again.

Dave Elliot saved the day for the Geordies with a Rumina Sato style all out grappling attack, ending in a leglock battle and victory via heelhook for Speedy.

Stalwart Peter Tiarks deserves an honourable mention for driving once again, this time half asleep, through pissing rain and with terribly diminished range of motion in his injured neck.


Billy-Lee said...

Unlucky Ian and I'm gutted for Craig too, but as you say Pete, as soon as he matches his ground-work with his muay thai he'll be a champion in mma too, no doubt.

Well done speedy!

Billy-Lee said...

Props from the dinkys!

Ahsan said...

everyone obviously fought hard; well done guys :)