Thursday, 14 December 2006

Testing Strength - Building solid foundations

From combat sports to waterpolo, we are all vulnerable to injury. At or , you will find details of a pound for pound strength test which has methods behind the madness. Peeps out there will be saying "strength test, held over the xmas period - no way" Think of it like this - you will gain a solid body without an increase in body weight which is superb for those in combat sports etc. If you have any questions on a routine that will produce the most strength without affecting you current routines etc then you can contact me on and I will be happy to help. The test has been designed to promote strength and well being for the newyear and reduce the risk of injury.The test will no begin on Monday the 18th Dec, you have 6 weeks to post your achievements giving you until the 22nd Jan. You must post proof of your efforts in the form of either a picture or a video. Lay a good foundation and then build upon it. Details will not be posted on medievil until monday morning.


Pete Irving said...

I can't find the test info, where's it at?

Leon Robotham said...

You will find it in the festive fun section fella