Friday, 29 December 2006

Prison workout

If you still haven't been brave enough to face the gym after a couple of weeks of drinking and eating, try this one on for size. The only equipment you need is 2 chairs.

Pushups X100 with feet elevated on a chair
Squats X100 with bodyweight only
Dips X100 with feet on one chair, hands on another

All excersises must be honest (That means proper form with full extension)
Time yourself and report back or post in the comments box.

Richie scored 6.28mins
I scored 6.14mins


Anonymous said...

Hey Pete,

Happy New Year mate..

What e-mail address can I get you on??


Pete Irving said... is your best bet. Who is this by the way?

matty said...


Pete Irving said...

Good score Matty, the times are coming in tight for the 300.